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Ophthalmology (Eye Care)

If you are suffering from eye diseases and looking for the proper treatment options, we will help you to cure your disease at the most reasonable price under the supervision of the most experienced doctors in Iran.

Medical Services

very person may once experience eye problems due to lack of eye care, vitamin deficiencies, environmental contamination, and etc. InabzTour Physicians could effectively help you with curing these eye problems include internal and external parts of the eye. Some of these problems are as below:
-    Cataracts
-    Retinitis pigmentation
-    Floater or stained vision
-    Amblyopia
-    Myopia
-    Hyperopia
-    Astigmatism
-    Color blind
-    Presbyopia
Iran Eye Surgery

Iran is one of the countries which has the most advanced medical centers and hospitals with the most skilled doctors. It offers various services to the patients in different health fields, using the latest science in the world. Iranian surgeons are currently able to perform a variety of medical treatments.
If you are looking for the best doctors and hospitals for your eye problems, travel to this beautiful country for curing your disease at an affordable price.

Treatment methods for eye problems

Treatment of various eye diseases is carried out with the latest and modern medical methods in InabzTour reliable health centers. InabzTour Company is ready to provide healthcare for the patients all around the world. These services which include simple checkup as well as the most complicated surgeries are presented below:
-    Cataract surgery
-    Glaucoma surgery
-    Lasik eye surgery
-    Corneal transplant surgery

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