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If you are suffering from toothache or looking for teeth beauty, we can help you get the most appropriate treatment in Iran with the most experienced dentists.

Medical Services

Everyone may experience tooth related problems due to inadequate dental care, an accident or hereditary problems. There are different kind of dental problems as follow that can be treated by InabzTour dentists.
-    Tooth decay
-    Gum disease
-    Tooth infection
-    Enamel erosion
-    Dry mouth
-    Temporomandibular joint syndrome (Joint disorder between the lower jaw (mandible) and the temporal bone)
-    Oral cancer

In addition to the above problems there are also cosmetic problems related to the teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments are carried out in order to have more beautiful appearance, better function and easier chewing and speaking. Some of these treatments conducted by InabzTour dental team are listed below:

-    Teeth gap fixing
-    Dental crown
-    Bleaching
-    Enamel repair
-    Tooth Bonding
-    Treatment of irregular tooth edges such as short and long edges
-    Tooth filling with composite
-    Dental crowding
-    Orthodontic
-    Dental sealants (Dental coating)
-    Implants
-    Dentures
-    Gum surgery
-    Gingival or gum graft
-    Gum contouring surgery
-    Implant dental Jewelry

Iran dentistry

Iran is among the countries with the most advanced medical centers and hospitals in the world with the most qualified physicians which utilizes the latest and modern methods and equipment for various kind of treatments. Iranian surgeons are currently capable of performing a variety of medical treatments.

If you are looking for the best doctors and hospitals for your dental problems, travel to this beautiful country for curing your disease at a reasonable price.

Treatment of various dental problems is carried out with the latest and modern medical methods in InabzTour reliable health centers. InabzTour Company is ready to provide healthcare for the patients all around the world using these available potentials. These services which include simple checkup as well as the most complicated surgeries are presented below:

Tourism Services
  • Accommodation in 2 to 5 star hotels with 3 meals
  • Travel insurance
  • Local Transportation
  • Midday tour into market and entertainment centers
  • Great lunch at best restaurant
  • Escort Interpreter

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