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If you are suffering from heart disease and are looking for the proper treatment options, we will help you get the most appropriate treatment in Iran with the most experienced physicians.

Medical Services

Heart is the most important organ in our body, which supplies blood to all the other body organs. If it stops working just for a moment, it may cause damages to the other organs. The following describes the problems that may occur for this vital organ in the body.

Heart diseases occur either in the heart or in the vessels. Some of the problems that may happen for this vital body organ are as follow:

1-Vessel related diseases
-    Atherosclerosis
-    Blood failures to hands and legs
-    Blood failures to the brain

2-Heart related diseases
-    Heart muscle disease (Cardiomyopathy)
-    Hypertensive heart disease
-    Heart failure
-    Irregular heartbeat
-    Inflammatory heart diseases including enlarged heart muscle and etc.
-     Heart valve problems (Heart valve regurgitation)
-    Rheumatic fever

Iranian specialist have very successful experiences in cardiovascular treatment and Iran is currently ranked as one of the top 10 countries in the word and the first country in Middle East for cardiovascular treatment.
Iran has remarkable progress in medical fields specially Cardiology in recent years. Cardiac surgeons in Iran are currently capable of performing a variety of heart treatments. If you are looking for best doctors and hospitals for your heart disease, travel to Iran and cure your disease with the most reasonable prices.
There are various treatments for heart diseases in Iran in accordance with the latest and modern scientific methods and InabzTour Company is ready to provide healthcare for the patients all around the world using these available potentials. These services which include simple checkup as well as the most complicated surgeries are presented below:
-    Visit and full checkup
-    Angiography
-    Open heart surgery
-    Angioplasty
-    Heart valve surgery and etc.

If you are suffering from one of the mentioned heart diseases or have any other cardiovascular problems then use InabzTour services and stay tuned until completely cure your disease and fully recovery.

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